Gottem's VIP UnrealIRCd modules

Important: these modules have been updated to work with UnrealIRCd version 6 ONLY, there will be NO refunds if you order them thinking they work on version 5 or below

This is my "shop" sort of thing where you can order premium modules. =] Since writing them takes up more and more of my personal free time, I've decided to only sell (very) complex modules that take a lot of time to write. It's still a hobby (so I'm not running an actual business), as such I don't have to charge VAT -- for now at least. :D

Simply review the descriptions and pick the ones to order at the bottom, after payment the mods will be sent to the email address you supplied. Every module comes with its own README file (in both Markdown and HTML formats) to get you started. After purchasing, you have the right to 1 year of free bugfixes. This period is extendable and affects all modules you've paid for so far.

For additional features for existing mods or entirely new custom mods, shoot me an email and we'll work out a deal. ;] Also, be sure to use the same email address for all orders -- this way I can match up multiple different ones if needed (like to verify your update eligibility).

If you need assistance with anything related to this shop or my mods, contact me at from the same email address as you placed the order(s) with (if applicable). For general/first-stage troubleshooting tips, refer to the open-source repo.
I'm assuming you know at least how to use your operating system and how to compile/install modules, so I won't be helping with that. ;] Also, keep in mind I'm quite Linux-oriented when it comes to hosting IRC servers, so modules are rarely (if ever) tested on Windows-based IRCds.

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Modules listed here tend to rely on libraries not already in use by Unreal, as such you'll need to pass additional flags to the make command. I personally use a script I created in the root of the Unreal source tree, which contains:
export EXLIBS="-lldap -lmaxminddb"; make

Restrict access to your IRC network based on the user's LDAP authentication status. This is not a pseudo-ChanServ thing in that it doesn't register nicks nor hand out channel modes, you still need Nick/ChanServ for that. ;]


  • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (tested against Server 2012 R2)
  • Compatible with OpenLDAP (tested against openldap-2.4.40)
  • Besides successful LDAP auth, require membership of a certain group too
  • Should be compatible with about any LDAP v2/v3 based servers (afaik Windows 2008 R2 is already on v3 ;])
  • Supports explicit TLS (STARTTLS, upgrades an existing plaintext connection to TLS-secured)
  • Supports implicit TLS (secured from the start)
  • Supports self-signed Certificate Authorities (like Windows's) by specifying what CA cert file/bundle to explicitly trust
  • Doesn't allow SSLv3 ciphers (so only TLS v1.0 and up)
  • Many configurables to suit your needs

Original/first release date: 7 February 2018

Block access to your IRC network based on a user's IP geolocation data. The GeoLite2 data it relies on is created by MaxMind, available from


  • Compatible with the newer format of GeoIP databases (GeoLite2)
  • Ability to specify how to handle "unknown" connections (e.g. failed DB lookups due to connecting from localhost/private LAN ranges)
  • Ability to exempt IPs, IP ranges following CIDR notation and (real) hostnames -- wildcards are supported too
  • Support for IPv6
  • Dry run mode (don't close any connections but output any would-be-errors anyways)
  • Customisable "deny" message

Original/first release date: 28 July 2018

I currently only accept iDEAL (for Dutchies) and credit card payments, both processed through Stripe.
All personal information is sent securely and most of it is only used for fraud verification purposes, e.g. card details are not stored on the server. I only store your network information, full name, email address and IP so I can match multiple different orders. ;]

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